Kinetic Architectural Systems

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Define kinetic architecture and explain how it differs from static architecture, its evolution, and its introduction into North America, and explore occupant engagement and other associated benefits.
  2. Describe the various structural types of kinetic architectural systems and how they can benefit the human experience.
  3. Determine how kinetic architectural systems address today’s dynamic, flexible, and constantly changing needs for architectural design.
  4. Evaluate the criteria involved in selecting a suitable kinetic architectural system for a variety of applications offering year-round use and connection to outdoor natural elements while also providing protection to building occupants.
  5. Discuss the design of kinetic architectural systems and specify the appropriate associated systems for project requirements involving function, climate and comfort, life safety, and changing weather conditions.


AAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
AANB 1 Hour of Core Learning
AAPEI 1 Structured Learning Hour
SAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
MAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
NSAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
OAA 1 Learning Hour
NLAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
NWTAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
This course can be self-reported to the AIBC, as per their CE Guidelines.

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Kinetic architectural systems blur the separation between outdoor and indoor spaces, maximizing a living or working area and making it usable throughout the year. When retractable structures, roofs, skylights, windows, or doors are integrated into a building project, enclosed spaces are no longer limited to being indoor spaces only. This course discusses the types, application and functional requirements along with associated systems for incorporating motion in architecture to provide flexible living and working environments in any type of weather.

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