Glass and Glazing Design Academy
Brought to you by National Glass Association

  9 AIA LU/HSW; 1 AIA LU/Elective

Glass is increasingly the material of choice used by architects and designers to create safe, healthy, and inspired spaces where people live, play, learn, and work. The courses of the Glass and Glazing Design Academy provide a solid technical foundation for understanding the performance attributes, design considerations, and benefits of the many glazing and glass building products available today. In addition, the academy provides guidance on specifying glass and glazing to meet project requirements and achieve remarkable results with inspired designs.

Earn 10 AIA LU (9 AIA LU/HSW + 1 AIA LU/Elective).

Academy Courses
Professional Roundtable: Perspectives on Glass and Glazing in Design
Learn about the latest trends in glass and glazing towards improving occupant well-being
Understanding How Glazing Can Impact Safety and Fire Protection
Specifying the right glass to protect schools, churches, and public buildings