Materials Matter 3 - Tools of the Trade: Assessment + Implementation

This Live Event happened on April 3, 2018 (7:00PM - 7:00PM CST)

Materials Matter is a five-session series delivering comprehensive, high-level knowledge and strategies for assessing and selecting healthy, sustainable materials.

Sessions will delve into the impact of materials on the environment and human health, the tools and data available for assessing and prioritizing materials, and strategies for integrating informed decision-making into projects and practice. Speakers will reveal the perspectives of project team members and other partners connected with materials and share the learnings and approaches of successful projects. This series offers guidance on navigating the complex landscape of disclosures and transparency in order to assess and reduce the environmental and health impacts of products. Sessions will include presentations, panels, case studies, and activities. Participants will walk away from each session with action items for integrating the curriculum into their work.

Session 3 - Tools of the Trade: Assessment + Implementation

Session 3, Tools of the Trade: Assessment + Implementation, builds on the knowledge gained during the first two sessions by diving into tools used to communicate environmental and human health impacts of materials. It includes demonstrations of key tools and context for determining the right tool to use in practice. The first half focuses on applying life-cycle assessment to evaluate environmental impacts, and the second half demonstrates common tools used to report material and product ingredients that could impact human health, and provides a forum for participants to compare tools and ask questions.

Tristan Roberts is Chief Strategy Officer at the highly trusted publisher and consultancy, BuildingGreen, Inc., based in Vermont. With a degree in cognitive science and subsequent work in behavior design and facilitation, Tristan loves breaking human experience down to essential components and reshaping it into nourishing and transformational experiences. He's particularly obsessed with supporting professionals in doing their best work so that teams can thrive environmentally, socially, and economically. The longtime executive editor of the company's highly trusted BuildingGreen and LEEDuser web tools, Tristan's guidance is a daily salve for frustrated professionals. He is often called to speak on choosing green building materials, avoiding greenwash, and navigating green building programs like LEED and the Living Building Challenge. He has recently spoken at events including Living Future, Greenbuild, and the Living Product Expo. He operates a small farm in Vermont where the focus is on slow, contemplative experience of place.

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