Advanced Design Against Adverse Conditions in a Commercial Roofing System

This level-200 course will build upon basic cover board education and teach you how to identify and articulate the most common risk factors (adverse conditions) for commercial roof damage. Further, you'll learn how to identify regional idiosyncrasies with these risk factors and understand the agencies, codes and corresponding test methods that address them. Lastly, you'll learn how fiber glass gypsum-faced panels can mitigate these risks and significantly impact the performance of roof assembly.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe certain regional design idiosyncrasies required in North America that mitigate risk from adverse conditions such as wind, moisture, sound, hail, impact and fire.
  2. Recognize prescribed tests methods and standards commonly used to evaluate commercial roofing resistance systems against these adverse conditions.
  3. Be able to accurately define and reference the correct manufacturing and product standard in specifications that will ensure optimum performance of the commercial roofing system.
  4. Specifically understand FM Very Severe Hail requirements and current methodologies approved to mitigate those risks.

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