The Health, Safety, and Welfare of Structural Glass Systems

Aspects of Project Planning and Design we will discuss the Health, Safety and Welfare of Structurally Glazed Systems exploring the materials, performance, form factors, applications, performance, safety, and its implementation for the Architectural Practice and Construction Phase. Health: selecting the right glass thermal, acoustic, artistic supporting physical and emotional and social wellbeing of the occupants, users, pedestrians and surrounding site and context. Safety: What and where glass is to be tempered, laminated, or with ballistic resistance for optimal safety conditions for transparent building materials. Real time monitoring of structural systems for safety and longevity. Welfare: equitable access through enclosures to building services, elevating human experience through sophisticated design, forms, and material choices, promoting awareness between inside to outside and thereby prompting social interaction, sustainable production of material and use of energy generating glass.

Learning Objectives

  1. Current trends in the Architectural Design and Construction Industry. What the industry needs and what Structural Glass Systems can provide.
  2. Participants will be able to understand and use terminology for Structural Glass Systems: Materials, Support Systems, Form Factors and Building Applications.
  3. Understand the condition under which best practice of implementation of Structural Glass Systems design assist occurs within the phases of Architectural Practice: Five Phases of Architectural Practice, Structural Glass Systems Design Assist and Project Costs & Budgeting Assistance.
  4. The Criteria of understanding the impacts of good design process and decisions for Structural Glass Systems is success in the Construction Phase: Field Installation and System Monitoring.

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