Advancements in Cladding Support Systems

Design + Performance

Over the last ten years cladding support systems have advanced to address the needs of modern buildings, to meet new code requirements and avoid the causes of issues inside the wall cavity as we learn more about how to select products that work well together - from both a performance and constructability standpoint. This course walks through the various types of newer cladding support systems on the market today with a goal to help bring more value to the design and product selection process and subsequently to the occupants of new and restored buildings for the future.

VIDEO LINK 3-minute interview with Mike Allen from CLADIATOR. What you can expect to learn from the presentation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define some of the differences between different cladding support systems on the market today and how they can best serve the design process.
  2. Explain how to improve energy efficiency of exterior walls & meet changing code requirements using more advanced cladding support systems.
  3. Briefly discuss options to manage the balance between design and load challenges.
  4. Explore methods to attach panels that will improve thermal performance and cause less punctures to the waterproofing layer.
  5. Explore cladding support accessories that will help address terminations and corner details.

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1 GBCI CE Hour