The Art of Metal in Architecture and Design

The Art of Metal in Architecture and Design: The Vast Potential of the Most Renewable Decorative Option

This course will discuss key facets of decorative metals as used in architecture and interior design:

  • The architectural history of decorative metals;
  • The evolution of fabrication and installation methods
  • Current design trends made possible by decorative metals;
  • The makeup and recyclability of different kinds of decorative metals;
  • Details on surface treatments, coatings, digital printing and forming;
  • Maintenance and cleaning advantages; and,
  • Case studies and examples of decorative metals in commercial use.

Upon completion architects and interior designers will have a strong working knowledge of what decorative metals can bring to their projects, how and where to use different types of metals, and what suppliers are able to deliver to streamline design and installation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the history of metals in architecture and interior design.
  2. Explain the differences between aluminum and stainless steel as they are used in architectural design.
  3. Discuss the different techniques and processes for finishing and forming decorative metals that provide long service life and reduce resource use.
  4. Share the environmental benefits of metals and metal fabricators using high-recycled content materials and their respective LEED award points.

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