European-Style Cabinetry: Less is More, Still True Today, as it Has Been for Decades

This course examines how the attributes of European cabinetry are uniquely suited to design, allowing the kitchen's aesthetic to be integrated with the rest of the home. The unique attributes of European cabinets enable a united and functional aesthetic for residential projects. Building on milestones from the evolution of fitted kitchens, European cabinets embrace the latest in innovations, both in design trends and maximizing functionality and sustainability. Materials and production advantages of European cabinetry are discussed, as well as how to best collaborate with a manufacturer to ensure design expectations are met.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the characteristics of European cabinetry.
  2. Compare different materials available for cabinet frames and doors and understanding the timelines required for the production of different materials and design.
  3. Discuss the collaborative process between design professional and international cabinet manufacturers to ensure efficient and precise production in accordance with the local construction industry specifics and delivery process.
  4. Assess how today’s international manufacturers implement change to be able to supply the US market.

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1 AIA LU/Elective