Advantages of Specifying Prefinished Siding Systems

This presentation will provide architects, builders, and designers with an overview of the benefits and attributes of specifying prefinished siding. Applying coatings on the jobsite through “traditional” methods is labor intensive, and the quality of the application is heavily dependent on variables that the architect cannot control. These variables include the competency of the workforce, condition of the substrate, ambient environmental conditions, and coating selection. Factory finishes are applied to exacting standards that guarantee a high level of quality when delivered to the jobsite. In addition, prefinished siding systems can offer high-performance coatings that might otherwise be unavailable through traditional application processes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the general attributes and process of manufacturing pre-finished siding systems.
  2. Explain why a pre-finished process is superior to coatings applied on the job-site.
  3. Explain how the appearance, durability, and performance of coatings can vary depending on the product specified.
  4. Discuss new coating options available when specifying pre-finished siding systems.

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1 AIA LU/Elective