Ageless Elegance: Steel Windows and Doors

When architects want to make a statement of timeless elegance in luxury homes, they may specify steel windows and doors. The history of steel goes back thousands of years. Buildings with steel windows may be hundreds of years old. Today, with advancements in glazing, coatings, and sustainability, steel windows and doors are seeing surging popularity in upscale homes. As we’ll see in this course, steel windows and doors often help architects stand out and give homeowners the distinctive look and superior performance they desire.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the history and craftsmanship of steel windows and doors.
  2. Assess the aesthetics and design flexibility of steel windows and doors for high end homes.
  3. Define the durability of steel for windows and doors.
  4. Identify zinc coatings for steel frames.
  5. Describe a case study where steel windows and doors were specified for a high end home.

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