Then & Now: Innovations in Fire-Rated Glass & Framing

This course offers an in-depth look at fire-rated glazing and framing materials and their role in fire protection. Examples of topics covered are:
  • New trends in fire-rated glazing
  • Fire-rated glazing system testing: fire, impact, and hose test
  • Code changes affecting fire-rated products
  • Different types of fire-rated products
  • Case studies featuring modern fire-rated products
  • Multifunctional products-what to look for when specifying fire-rated glass

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify basics and best practices to ensure proper fire-rated glazing specification.
  2. Describe the different categories of fire-rated glazing materials and their role in fire-protection.
  3. Understand essential fire-rated glazing codes, applications, and products.
  4. Explore real-world fire-rated glazing solutions, and learn how to solve common design challenges.

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