The Quiet Multifamily Home

Excess noise is pervasive in modern society, and in multifamily homes, unwanted sounds from adjacent units can diminish the quality of daily life. No matter the flow of the floor plan or beauty of the finishes, if residents can hear people walking and talking from the unit upstairs, their level of well-being in their own homes will diminish. This course shows the importance of a quiet family home in a multifamily complex, and how the specification of flooring can contribute to a calm and relaxing environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the growing demand of multifamily housing and the role of flooring to alleviate a chief complaint: unwanted noise from other units.
  2. Comprehend how sound blocking and absorption is measured in flooring and its overall benefits in building performance.
  3. Evaluate sound ratings for product selection best suited to budget and installation type.
  4. Identify the advancement of flooring technologies and their importance in the future of modern multifamily space design.

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