The Evolution of Parking

The way we park our cars is undergoing a transformation. While navigating vast lots or gigantic parking garages has been the norm, crowded cities can no longer accommodate parking in this way. Developers and designers are increasingly specifying a more sophisticated manner of parking vehicles that is known as automated parking systems, or APS. This course describes the benefits of automated parking systems, including environmental, space savings, development savings, and operating cost savings. Different types of systems are explored, and the process of specification is explained.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss land design challenges in large urban areas with increasing numbers of automobiles and shrinking available space for conventional parking garages.
  2. Describe how innovations in automated parking systems are changing urban land-use patterns, allowing forward-thinking designers to preserve on-grade space for parks, recreation, and buildings.
  3. Assess the space-saving, user-experience, safety, and environmental benefits of automated parking systems.
  4. Explain the benefits of automated parking systems to property developers and owners in terms of cost, space savings, labor savings, and energy savings as well as the benefits of a turnkey approach to specifying such a system in a project.

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