ArchiTalk - How to Be the Firm Others Look Up To and Out For

This Live Event happened on January 31, 2019 (5:30pm - 8:00pm EST)

There always seems to be AEC firms that hold a special place for us. The ones we pay attention to, go out of our way to engage with, or strive to emulate. Sometimes we refer to them as the thought-leaders, the change agents, the mavericks, though whatever we call them, they can’t be ignored.

What is it they talk about, what is it they do consistently, what space do they hold relentlessly? How can I encourage similar behavior in my firm?

At this event we will be examining what it is about these firms that have them occupy that place in our minds, from two unique perspectives. David C. Brownell, who’s business focus keeps a careful eye on the most cutting-edge firms and thought leaders, will share his thoughts on five key things that these firms and their people are demonstrating that have attracted his attention. And Brent Robertson of Future Design Firm, Fathom will discuss how to design an organizational environment that encourages the kinds of behaviors and actions that provoke the thinking and following of others.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the characteristics and behavior of the firms we admire
  2. Explore what it means to “play at the edge of possibility” and think beyond what’s been done
  3. Gain insights on how to create a culture within your own firm that provokes activating vision
  4. Learn what drives leading firms to lead


2 AIA LU/Elective