Significant Changes to the 2018 State Building Code

This Live Event happened on January 16, 2019 (9:00am - 12:00pm EST)

This course will provide attendees with knowledge on all aspects of the building code, including amendments for dwelling units and sleeping units, general site and building elements, accessible routes, commercial energy efficiency, residential energy efficiency, and clear definitions of all aspects of the code affected by updates.

Presenter: Darren Hobbs
Manager of Technical Services at State of Connecticut
Office of the State Building Inspector

Learning Objectives

  1. Updates to the 2018 State Building Code chapter by chapter, with an understanding of the scope, administration, definitions, and special detailed requirements
  2. An understanding of the code updates to general building heights and areas, types of construction, fire protection systems, means of egress and accessibility.
  3. The new definitions for structural design topics including roof loads for vegetative roof loads, and what landscaping materials such as dead loads or live loads and related landscape elements.
  4. Changes to the code when using other materials such as steel and wood will also be explored.
  5. Updates to the state building code regarding existing structures, specifically stairways, fire safety code abatement, historic buildings, assembly seating, and smoke alarms.
  6. Special inspections and tests, including new exceptions and detailed requirements for special inspection reporting.
  7. Updates to plumbing systems, such as amendments to remove barriers to gender neutral single-user bathrooms, what fixtures and identification markers/signage should be used.


3 AIA LU/Elective