Designing Transparency

This Live Event happened on January 31, 2019 (8:00am - 12:00pm CST)

New uses of glass and its unique properties in architecture continue to develop every year. This presentation highlights how architecture and structural engineering can be combined, using creative structural solutions and the latest technology in fabrication and post-processing to create all types of architectural uses of glass.

Carl D’Silva, FAIA and Terry McDonnell, PE, SE will present some of the most recent developments of how glass can be successfully used to solve physical, environmental, and structural project goals. They will show how structural glass and the material and fabrication processes can achieve innovative designs. The session features case studies including O’Hare Terminal 2 cable wall, Ottawa curving insulated glass fin wall, Willis Tower glass boxes (pictured above), and Calgary glass pedestrian bridge. Other project samples include glass sculptures, glass security walls, and fire-rated glass. Carl and Terry will also cover existing codes and guidelinest to help designers choose the right glass right for a project, and anticipated guidelines and standards that will be introduced into the US in the next few years.

Breakfast will be provided.


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of glass.
  2. Understand how glass can be used as a variable cohesive material on a large scale.
  3. Identify methods of production and how they relate to overall finish and consistency.
  4. Learn the environmental physics of glass use in buildings.
  5. Learn about methods of adhering glass other than typical laminates to produce structures.
  6. Understand various methods of supporting glass and their resulting effects both structurally and architecturally.


4 AIA LU/Elective