Fluid-Applied Silicone Air Barriers

[Northern California L&L]
This course focuses on the use of silicone in fluid-applied air barrier systems. The participant will be presented topics that cover the basics and benefits of an air barrier, a comparison of fluid applied air barrier chemistries; why use and consider silicone materials; the benefits of using silicone compared to other fluid applied chemistries and how silicone air barrier systems should be installed. [Program# AWB2016].

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the basics and benefits of silicone air barriers
  2. List product chemistry comparisons
  3. Define the features of silicone air barriers (non-water based)
  4. Explain typical silicone air barrier installation details

Contact Information:

ArchitectExec | GE Silicones
Carl Raabe | Independent Sales California

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