Operable Glass Walls for All Buildings

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Operable Glass Walls for All Buildings will present the information you need to confidently design originative projects using operable glass walls. You will learn the definition of folding and sliding operable wall systems, typical usage, operation animations, material options, performance testing, and examples of unique installations. Participants will learn how the function of operable glass wall systems improves the health safety and welfare of building occupants, supports design freedom and blur the lines between outdoor landscape and indoor living space.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and recognize the terminology, capabilities and usage of large operable glass walls.
  2. Investigate the design potential and innovative opportunities to create buildings that are flexible in use and sustainable by nature.
  3. Demonstrate how the function of operable glass wall systems can improve the health, safety, and welfare of building occupants.
  4. Illustrate new ideas that can be part of the design process of schools, hospitality, and other commercial applications.

Contact Information:

NanaWall Systems
Angela Haynes

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