Architectural Record BE - Building Enclosure

The Beauty, Longevity, and Earth Friendly Benefits of Clay

This course is no longer active
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Continuing Education

Learning Objectives - After this course, you should be able to:

  1. %IDescribe at least six key characteristics of clay roofing
  2. %IDiscuss at least three common misperceptions about clay roofing
  3. %IIdentify seven different types of clay roofing products
  4. %IExplain what a “cool roof” is
  5. %IDiscuss why clay is an effective “cool roof” material
  6. %IDescribe the “green building” attributes of clay roofing
  7. %IIdentify key LEED points that can be obtained with clay roofing


%PThis course provides a comprehensive overview of recent advances in clay roofing products. The course describes the key characteristics and benefits of clay roofing, reviews a variety of different clay roofing products, explains why clay is an effective "cool roof" material, and reviews how clay roofs can qualify for LEED points.