Architectural Record BE - Building Enclosure

Economic Benefits of Building with Wood

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Continuing Education

Learning Objectives - After this course, you should be able to:

  1. Explore the economic, design, health, and structural safety benefits of building with wood.
  2. Discuss how building with wood can help architects, engineers, and developers achieve more versatile and resilient designs.
  3. List the most common mass timber products currently on the market today.
  4. Describe how innovation in the manufacturing of wood products has allowed for new systems and products to support new and traditional building markets.


AAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
AANB 1 Hour of Core Learning
AAPEI 1 Structured Learning Hour
MAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
NSAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
OAA 1 Learning Hour
SAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
NLAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
NWTAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
This course can be self-reported to the AIBC, as per their CE Guidelines.

This presentation will discuss the economic, design, and structural benefits of building with wood, including mass timber products like cross-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber. For the learner, this course will provide an overview of the mass timber industry, the current environmentally responsible harvest strategy, and the financial benefits that building with softwood lumber provides. In addition, this course will describe how innovation in the manufacturing of wood products has allowed for greater design options and financial rewards for building with wood.

Photo of a building exterior in wood.

Photo courtesy of Alex Schreyer