A Guide to High-Performance Cold-Formed Steel Assemblies

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by Telling Industries
Presented by Larry W. Williams, APR

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the inherent fire resistance of cold-formed steel frame assemblies, using ASTM test standards.
  2. Investigate how the principles of acoustical performance combine to provide high Sound Transmission Classification (STC) assemblies.
  3. Review the basic structural procedures to design and detail a simple non-structural cold-formed steel assembly.
  4. Envision the required steps to control moisture migration in a cold-formed steel framed assembly.


This test is no longer available for credit

This program, using building science principles, will illustrate how cold-formed steel framed assemblies can achieve project performance requirements. Specific emphasis will be made to fire resistance, acoustics, structure and moisture resistance.

Cold Formed


Larry W. Williams, APR, is the Executive Director of the Steel Framing Industry Association, the industry organization dedicated to expanding the market for cold-formed steel. Prior to joining the Steel Framing Industry Association in 2012, he served as General Manager of Market Development and Sustainability for the World Steel Association (Brussels), President of the Steel Framing Alliance, and a founder and Executive Director of the Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (now Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute). As partner in one of Northern California’s largest marketing and strategic communications firms, Williams has worked with Fortune 500 clients in the food and beverage, financial services, and travel/entertainment industries.


Telling Telling Industries is an American-owned and operated full line manufacturer of innovative, premium metal framing products and accessories. Telling has a full complement of capabilities at each of its three manufacturing facilities, enabling Telling to offer a complete line of products at all locations.
Originally published in July 2019