Delivering Architectural Aesthetics and Sustainability with Extruded Aluminum Trim

Extruded aluminum trim can add architectural distinction to both the interiors and exteriors of a wide range of building types as well as complement moisture management systems
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By Karin Tetlow
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Panel Inside Corner

A minimal inside corner provides a flashing without calling too much attention to the detail.

Diagrams showing panel inside corner.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

Inside corner extruded aluminum eliminates the need for a wood corner piece.

Vertical Reveal

Designed for wood and steel stud construction, the aluminum trim provides a reveal for both lap and panel siding, while also serving as rustproof flashing between planks and panels. Plank and panel reveals should not be used for horizontal joints.

Diagrams showing vertical reveal design features.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

Vertical reveal provides a consistent shadow line between materials while covering the cut ends for a cleaner finish.

Reveal Outside Corner

Extruded aluminum reveal corner profile offers an alternative to the more familiar closed-corner trim. It can be used with both lap and panel siding.

Diagrams showing reveal open outside corner.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

With the panel outside corner profile, dimensions of trim used with panel siding are slightly smaller than those used with plank siding

Reveal Inside Corner

Diagrams showing reveal open inside corner design features.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

The reveal inside corner profile maintains the consistent shadow of the other profiles in the group.

Vertical Board Reveal

This profile provides a broad vertical accent for siding while not extending beyond the face of the cladding.

Diagrams showing vertical board reveal design features.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

Vertical board reveal is a wide break that can add a distinctive look to a wall and combine with many different horizontal and vertical profiles.

Bullnose Outside Corner

This profile provides a uniform rounded corner to panel applications.

Diagrams showing bullnose outside corner design features.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

Panel bullnose outside corner profile has a unique rounded look.

Bullnose Inside Corner

The bullnose inside corner profile adds a distinct rounded corner for panel installations.

Diagrams showing bullnose inside corner design features.

Image courtesy of TAMLYN

A clean, rounded interior corner adds a unique look for panel installations.


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