High-Performance Steel Doors and Windows for Specifiers

Sponsored by PORTELLA Steel Doors & Windows

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the important role windows and doors play in a durable, safe, and well-designed building envelope
  2. Describe how a well-designed and installed building envelope can help reduce energy use and prolong the life of the home
  3. Explain the basic rating and certifications for modern windows and doors and the importance of these ratings when creating a sustainable and resource responsible structure
  4. List the criteria for evaluating the thermal performance of a window or door to satisfy building code and energy-efficiency expectations
  5. Discuss how durable and long-lasting steel windows and doors help conserve natural resources and create a more sustainable building design


1 GBCI CE Hour
This test is no longer available for credit
This learning unit will look at the advances in steel door/window design and technologies, which have enabled manufacturers to create more durable and energy efficient steel doors and windows, even in harshest environments.

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Photo of a building with steel doors and windows.

Photo courtesy of PORTELLA Steel Doors & Windows