Building Information Modeling

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the history of architectural design tools.
  2. Explain what building information modeling (BIM) is and how it compares to previous design tools.
  3. Describe how BIM illustrates the entire life cycle of the building and not just a 3-D view.
  4. List the benefits to the architect, builder, and occupant when using BIM during a project.


1 AIA LU/Elective
AAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
AANB 1 Hour of Core Learning
AAPEI 1 Structured Learning Hour
SAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
MAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
NSAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
OAA 1 Learning Hour
NLAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
NWTAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
This course can be self-reported for Learning Units to the Architectural Institute of British Columbia

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The use of building information modeling (BIM) is a trend that architects have rapidly been moving toward, and it is becoming more of an industry standard when specifying and designing projects. Traditional drafting methods and tools were two-dimensional designs either done by hand or using simple design software. While these methods historically were sufficient for most architects, today, a greater demand for faster and more accurate blueprints has prompted a change in the design industry.

Being able to incorporate specific products and materials into the design of a building is now possible using BIM software, and it allows for greater control of the project and managing the expectations of the client.

Photo of outdoor building.

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