Exterior Wall Fire Testing, Design and Compliance

Sponsored by Owens Corning

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the fire safety objective of NFPA 285 and its development history.
  2. Understand how ASHRAE 90.1 Continuous Insulation and air/water-resistive assembly requirements have contributed to the rise of NFPA 285.
  3. Understand the building situations that require NFPA 285 in the International Building Code.
  4. Understand the state of the art, designing for NFPA 285 compliance.


This test is no longer available for credit
Photo of a building exterior.

This course explains the NFPA 285 test method, its origin, its procedures, when it is required, and design considerations necessary to comply with it.

The course explains the fire/life safety objective of NFPA 285. Selected sections of the International Building Code are reviewed to identify the types of construction and circumstances that require NFPA 285 compliance. The criteria in ASHRAE 90.1 for Continuous Insulation and air/water resistive barriers are reviewed and identified as contributors to the rise of NFPA 285 requirements. To understand the key wall assembly layers that determine compliance, the course reviews insulation, air/water resistive barriers, and exterior cladding options. Design practices will be improved by familiarizing attendees with information sources such as manufacturer design guides, engineering analysis and the public database discussion.


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