Water-Repellency and Efflorescence Control in Masonry

Sponsored by BASF Corporation – Admixture Systems

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the sources of moisture in masonry walls
  2. Discuss different methods of achieving water-repellent masonry, and choose the right technology that suits your water-repellent masonry
  3. Choose the right combination of admixtures for water-repellent masonry
  4. Include correct terminology and details for water-repellent masonry admixtures in the specifications
  5. Identify the types, causes, and remedial measures for efflorescence
  6. Include correct terminology and details for efflorescence-controlling admixtures in the specifications


This test is no longer available for credit
This course will cover the following topics: Achieving water-repellency and efflorescence control in masonry construction, Admixture technologies for single-wythe masonry walls, Applying admixture technologies to other manufactured products, such as pavers and roof tiles.


BASF Corporation
BASF Corporation – Admixture Systems


Originally published in September 2014