Improving School Environments by Design

Incorporating some of the best design principles means selecting the best products and systems currently available
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By Peter J. Arsenault, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP


The design of schools requires both a sensitivity to research-driven design concepts and an understanding of the practical details related to the performance of products and systems. Operable glass walls have been shown to provide innovative, flexible spaces while still meeting needs for acoustical privacy and light. Sunlight provided in schools for daylight and well-being can be controlled through the use of cordless shades. Privacy and health concerns in showers can be addressed with innovative solid-surface materials and ready-made shower enclosures. Roof design requires safety as much as anything else and can be achieved through the selection of the most appropriate membrane and system to suit a particular project. Accessibility in schools comes about by paying attention to details and options provided by manufacturers. Approaches such as these allow architects to employ the best use of materials and systems to achieve the intended design and performance outcomes.

Peter J. Arsenault, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP, is a nationally known architect, consultant, continuing education presenter, and prolific author of more than 210 continuing education courses.,


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Improving School Environments by Design
Buyer's Guide
Solarity® Solar Shades
Traditional blinds are all or nothing: If you want to block the sun’s heat or glare, you have to block your view as well. Inpro Solarity® Solar Shades bring balance to this struggle. They preserve the view while cutting glare and heat gain, with our energy modeling showing an annual savings of up to 9 percent in energy costs.
SL64 Acoustical
NanaWall SL64 Acoustical is the only floor-supported folding opening glass wall to achieve STC 45. The system combines acoustically separated aluminum framing and specialized gasketing with sound-enhanced glass to achieve optimal performance. The ADA-compliant surface-mounted flush sill has only 15/16 inch exposed track, creating true seamless transitions between spaces.
ALSAN® Coating SIL 402 is a low-VOC, high-solids, single-component silicone roof coating that forms a durable weatherproof layer on low-slope roof surfaces and substrates. ALSAN Coating SIL 402 provides exceptional UV protection, resistance to standing water, and a reduction in energy consumption and rooftop temperatures.