Hospitality and Retail Go Green

Checking in to luxury and energy efficiency
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Sponsored by ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, Bradley Corp., Cascade Architectural, Bison Innovative Products, KOVA, and NanaWall
By Peter J. Arsenault, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP


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Originally published in Architectural Record


Hospitality and Retail Go Green
Buyer's Guide
Spackle In J-Frame HVAC Grille
Minimalist design at its best, the original Spackle In J-Frame Grille offers an easy, clean-line installation method for wall and ceiling HVAC applications. It uses common drywall screws and spackle to achieve a sleek aesthetic finish with no visible mounting screws to detract from the overall visual design of the space.
Rooftop Deck Systems
Manufactured in the USA with 20 percent post-industrial recycled materials, Bison Pedestals create level decks over sloped surfaces. They elevate and support wood tiles, pavers, site furnishings, and a variety of other surfaces. Bison Wood Tiles are commercial grade, constructed from sustainably harvested hardwoods, and available in standard and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified options.
Bison Innovative Products
Verge Soap Dispenser and Faucet Sets
Bradley introduces matching Verge soap dispensers and faucets in an industry-leading collection of four styles and six finishes. These complete sets complement Verge washbasins and work seamlessly with any other basin. With the most models, finishes, and advanced features available, these sets provide the finishing touch to every commercial washroom.
Bradley Corp.
Fabricoil® Coiled Wire Fabric
At Tang Hotpot, Fabricoil® adds a layer of translucency and mystery to the space while integrating perfectly with the restaurant’s modern design. Fabricoil also reflects light in various directions for a beautiful diffusion throughout the dining area. The space is highlighted by the shimmering artisan-crafted copper pots and floating copper mesh by Cascade Architectural.
Cascade Architectural
Plumbing Fixtures
KOVA and KOVA SELECT plumbing fixtures blend seamlessly with a variety of styles, balancing form and function to ensure ergonomic comfort and sleek design. Thoughtful modular configuration systems allow KOVA to work from a standard kit of parts to deliver multiple products with a range of configurations.
Next-Generation Folding Glass Wall
The innovative SL84 provides the slimmest and most thermally efficient aluminum-framed system within the NanaWall Folding Glass Wall family of products. SL84 brands a new level of aesthetics featuring an extremely streamlined appearance with minimal exposed hardware.