Green Certifications for Multifamily Construction

A comparison of the three most popular national green certifications
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Live webinar airing on December 8, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST
Sponsored by Huntsman Building Solutions and TAMLYN
Presented by Christin Kappel

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine an applicable green program for use on potential future projects.
  2. Explain the key requirements and differences between the three most popular national green certifications.
  3. Identify next steps to pursuing a certification under one of these programs.
  4. Apply a better understanding of the benefits of green building to the builders, owners and tenants of multifamily buildings.


1 AIA LU/Elective

LEED, National Green Building Standard, Enterprise Green Communities...with so many options how do teams decide which to use? This presentation will highlight the key differences, comparisons and benefits between the three most popular national green certifications, and applicability on various multifamily project types. Listeners will understand some of the key differences between these popular programs and gain knowledge on various types of projects that fit within each of these programs.

Participants will gain preliminary guidance on how to determine early on in project planning, which program will be the best fit. We will outline a clear idea of multiple benefits of certifying your project under a green program. The target audience for this presentation will be builders, developers, architects, engineers, consultants, finance and housing authority members and property owners.

Christin Kappel is the owner of Simply Sustainable LLC, a sustainability consulting firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Simply Sustainable LLC. is a WBE certified, sustainability consulting and verification firm focused primarily on helping underserved markets and communities. Christin started this company to fill a need in the affordable and subsidized housing market for qualified green professionals to assist design and construction teams in meeting federal, state as well as local funding requirements, including but not limited to programs such as LEED, Energy Star, Enterprise Green and the National Green Building Standard. She assists in helping her teams not only create attainable goals but also meet their performance goals while providing truly affordable housing for seniors, veterans, homeless and families across the country. Christin is proud to be an active participant in the first affordable LEED for Homes Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum projects in the state.


Huntsman Building Solutions


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Originally published in December 2021