Environmental Product Declarations: Worthless or Priceless?

Sponsored by BASF Corporation – Admixture Systems

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand Type III Environmental Product Declarations
  2. Be able to describe the process for developing an EPD
  3. Become familiar with the environmental impact components reported in a concrete EPD
  4. Recognize and evaluate the key elements of a registered EPD for LEED v4
  5. Understand the comparative LCA evaluation tool Eco-Efficiency Analysis and how it differs from an EPD


This test is no longer available for credit
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) Worthless or Priceless? This course will cover the following topics: What is a Type III Environmental Product Declaration? What environmental impact categories are reported in a concrete EPD? What are the key elements in a registered EPD for LEED 4? Understanding the differences between Life-Cycle Assessment, Eco-Efficiency Analysis and EPDs


BASF Corporation
BASF Corporation – Admixture Systems


Originally published in September 2014