Disaster-Durable Solutions for Wind and Water

Sponsored by BASF Corporation – Performance Materials

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify some of the costs and impacts associated with natural disasters, as well as the process of working with the insurance, remediation and restoration industries in response to these disasters.
  2. Describe how high performance materials such as closed-cell polyurethanes can provide value to buildings in the rebuilding or initial design phases, to enhance disaster durability.
  3. Explain the fundamentals of using closed-cell polyurethanes, in typical and disaster-related construction designs, including codes, best practices, and personnel / jobsite safety.
  4. Identify many other potential applications and materials that provide disaster durable solutions.


This test is no longer available for credit
This course provides an overview of impacts from natural disasters and identifies solutions for building back better. It discusses the use of closed-cell polyurethane foams as well as other performance materials for disaster durable construction applications, including responding to flood and wind events using approved methods and materials.


BASF Corporation
BASF Corporation – Performance Materials


Originally published in May 2015