Built to Endure

Specialized products and systems can help architects design buildings that can endure even the toughest disaster
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Sponsored by AMBICO Limited, Construction Specialties, Owens Corning®, and SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
By Andrew A. Hunt


Resilient design represents an above-code, performance-based approach to buildings, one in which buildings not only serve as refuges but also maintain vital functions during a disaster and bounce back quickly once the dust has settled. Today more than ever, architects can choose among a range of specialized products and systems that have been rigorously tested and validated. Such products and systems can serve as key components of buildings that not only help occupants survive the toughest disasters but that also endure.

Andrew A. Hunt is vice president of Confluence Communications and has been a writer and consultant in the green building and building science industry for more than a decade. He has authored over 100 continuing education and technical publications as part of a nationwide practice. www.confluencec.com

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Originally published in Architectural Record


Built to Endure
Buyer's Guide
Blast-Resistant Arched Transom Frame and Door Assembly
The Davis Barracks at West Point Military Academy required an ornate arched transom frame design that incorporated recessed paneled doors and transom panels. The entire assembly had to comply with Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 standard for minimum antiterrorism door and frame assemblies. AMBICO’s ability to perform blast analysis for unique designs proved essential in the blast performance certification of this assembly.
AMBICO Limited
SSR/SSRW Seismic Floor Cover
CS’ SSR/SSRW seismic expansion joint cover is designed to handle everyday thermal movement as well as multidirectional movement that occurs during an earthquake. This virtually invisible floor cover accepts a variety of floor finishes to provide a seamless transition over expansion joints.
Construction Specialties
Thermafiber® SAFB Formaldehyde-Free
Thermafiber® SAFB (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) Formaldehyde-Free mineral wool insulation is a solution for architects, specifiers, and contractors interested in achieving green building standards and using products that exclude red-list* materials like formaldehyde.
Owens Corning®
Clear, 2-Hour Fire Resistive Butt-Glazed Walls
SuperLite II-XLM 120 with GPX Architectural Series perimeter framing is the only clear, 2-hour fire resistive butt-glazed wall without vertical mullions or black spacers for truly transparent design. It meets ASTM E-119/UL 263 with hose stream and CPSC Category II, and it’s listed by UL and Intertek for interior and exterior applications.
SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions