Appealing and Long-Lasting Hospitality and Retail Design

Design doesn’t need to suffer in order to achieve performance
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By Peter J. Arsenault, FAIA, NCARB, LEED-AP
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2. Building Interiors Space Separation And Connections

In hospitality and retail settings there may be a need to provide a degree of separation between different spaces without the use of a solid wall or partition. In fact, it may even be desirable to provide some controlled connectivity between spaces for visibility, airflow, sound, or other reasons. Several different products have been used to achieve this effect, particularly in interiors, but an emerging, innovative choice is the use of a coiled wire fabric. Such products are different from traditional metal mesh materials in that they are designed as architectural products for use in a variety of ways.

Coiled wire fabric is a durable, thin material that is lighter in weight than traditional wire mesh and offers more design flexibility. For interiors, architects and designers can use coiled wire fabric for curtains, ceiling treatments, wall coverings, security gates, and even as complete partitions, all adding elegance and purpose to the spaces where they are used. On hospitality and retail exteriors, it can be used for sun shading, security protection, resilience enhancements, or aesthetic facade treatments. It is available with a range of attachment systems allowing for different building conditions and finish treatments. The material can be left to hang (i.e., flowing freely) or it can be secured at both the top and bottom and pulled taut to create a semi-rigid condition. Because of its fabric nature, curved and undulating shapes are easily achieved providing interiors with more character and vitality than rectilinear shapes alone.

Photo courtesy of Cascade Architectural

In hospitality and retail settings, coiled wire fabric is used as an interior visual design element, an energy-saving sunscreen on windows, or a security gate that does not obstruct visibility into the retail space.

From a performance standpoint, coiled wire fabric can be used for light diffusion to further enhance the interior ambient lighting of a space. In appropriate strengths, it can provide partitioning for safety, fall protection, blast mitigation, and security. Further, if there is an interest in extending its use to the exterior, the material is durable enough to withstand those rigors as well.

Coiled wire fabric can contribute to green building design in several ways. It has been tested and shown to be an easy and attractive way to save on air conditioning costs by limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the building. Uniquely, the metal fabric does not block views to the outside like typical window curtains do. For retrofit applications where advanced high-performance glazing has not been installed, coiled wire fabric systems can be especially effective.

As a material made from metal, coiled wire fabric is a durable product with a long service life. It can contain recycled content and is 100 percent recyclable when it is removed from service. When used on building interiors, it is worth noting that no toxic chemicals are used in the material’s manufacturing process. Some even carry Declare labels from the International Living Future Institute indicating the degree to which human health and the environment are protected by the products.


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Originally published in Architectural Record
Originally published in June 2022


Appealing and Long-Lasting Hospitality and Retail Design
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