Advanced Building Envelope Solutions

Sponsored by BASF Corporation – North America

Learning Objectives:

  1. The role of the building enclosure in sustainable construction and retrofits
  2. Next-generation insulation materials, air/weather barrier systems, roofing systems, fenestration enhancements, complete wall systems and sustainable concrete formulations
  3. Lowering the overall cost of ownership and lessening the environmental impact of your project
  4. Emerging technologies, such as organic photovoltaics, phase-change wall board and nanotechnology insulation materials


This test is no longer available for credit
This course examines the importance of the building envelope in a sustainable, high-performance structure, as well as the structure-as-a-system building science that studies the interaction between envelope, mechanical equipment and occupants, impacting the performance (or lack thereof) of the building as a whole and the envelope itself. From insulation materials to air barriers, wall systems, roofing, fenestration and concrete to emerging technologies, advanced solutions for high-performance building shells are discussed and presented via project profiles from across North America.


BASF Corporation – North America
BASF Corporation


Originally published in July 2015