Seeing Clearly: How Aggressive, New Energy Codes and Standards are Transforming the Way Commercial Windows are Manufactured and Specified

This course is no longer active
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Learning Objectives:

  1. %IDiscuss how recent upgrades to energy standards and codes, federal mandates, and voluntary rating systems are transforming the building industry.
  2. %IExplain the specific performance criteria that fenestration systems will need to achieve in order to meet stringent, new energy requirements.
  3. %IDescribe high performance window systems and components that meet the new energy performance criteria for fenestration.
  4. %IExplain the differences between AAMA standards and NFRC ratings for windows.
  5. %IDiscuss how specs for commercial windows will need to be written going forward in order to meet new, high performance requirements.


This course explores how recent, significant changes to energy codes and standards are transforming the way commercial window systems are manufactured and specified. Key performance requirements - including Federal mandates and rating system upgrades − will be discussed, together with the specific performance criteria that new fenestration systems will need to meet. The importance of optimizing "whole window" performance − glazing, spacers, and framing − will be addressed, and a list of recent advances in window system design and construction will be reviewed. The course ends with a discussion of how the new energy requirements are changing the way commercial windows are specified; in particular, how specs need to combine elements from both the National Fenestration Rating Council and the American Architectural Manufacturing Association in order to be effective.