Project Specific Considerations for the Roof Designer

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by Johns Manville
Presented by Matt Sayer

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to choose a roof design based on your individual project’s needs (building, environment, or project conditions/location)
  2. Which project relative designs to consider avoiding issues during construction and in the future.
  3. Which regional design criteria outlined by ASCE 7, Factory Mutual and ANSI/SPRI affect your project.
  4. The reality to common misconceptions in the industry and how to address challenges with: FM 1-90, design pressures /wind speeds, warranty requirements, limitations of substrates/decking materials, and more.


This test is no longer available for credit

Recently, the roofing industry has been challenged by boiler plate specifications and a misunderstanding of design criteria. This results in roofing system installations that may not be suitable for the specific building, environment, or project conditions/location. When a holistic view of the roofing system is not accounted for in the design, other, more project relative design elements may be overlooked leading to unforeseen issues during construction and in the future. The effects of these oversights include overdesigned roofing system attachment/uplift design, added project costs, constructability issues, and conflicting / confusing specification requirements. In an attempt to avoid these consequences this presentation will examine regional design criteria outlined by ASCE 7, Factory Mutual and ANSI/SPRI. Additionally, it will address common misconceptions and challenges such as the misuse of water based adhesives in single ply applications, FM 1-90 and design pressures vs. design wind speeds, extreme warranty requirements, and limitations of certain substrates/decking materials.

Matt Sayer is the Manager of Guarantee Services for Johns Manville Roofing Systems. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Mechanical Specialty from the Colorado School of Mines he entered the commercial construction industry as a project manager for a general contractor. Using his valuable industry experience and engineering education he joined Johns Manville as a District Technical Representative for the Northeast region to focus on roofing system application and components. He was then promoted to his current position with the company and is involved with various technical aspects of the roofing systems division.

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