Next Gen Commercial Water Heating

How to double efficiency and eliminate bulky storage
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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by Intellihot
Presented by Sridhar Deivasigamani.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe current tank and boiler designs - How did we get here?
  2. Understand what is needed for water heating systems to work as tankless or on-demand.
  3. Describe the impacts of draw profiles on traditional tanks or boiler set-ups.
  4. How to size tankless, eliminate over-design or unneeded redundancy and how self-learning optimizes systems.


This test is no longer available for credit

Commercial water heating systems still use the same basic design methodology for the last 75 years or more. Typically these systems either use tank style heater or boilers with storage tanks along with multiples installed to mitigate the risk of sudden failure. This design methodology, coupled with hot water draw profiles results in significant efficiency losses that is further exacerbated due to multiples. Engineers are being challenged to find ways to reduce energy, improve reliability and fit equipment in a smaller space, all without sacrificing performance. This webinar will empower you to design on-demand water heating systems, eliminate storage, and realize space and efficiency savings.

Sri Deivasigamani is a mechanical engineer with a focus on marine engines and control systems with 16 years of mechatronics. In his spare time, he likes to work on motorcycles and robotic lawnmowers.


Founded in 2009, after a traditional water heater broke down and flooded our founder’s basement, Intellihot today designs, manufactures and assembles tankless water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial applications—the first to do so entirely in the United States. Quality and innovation are at the heart of all our products, which were developed following years of extensive research. We continue to be recognized for our innovative design and have several patents pending.