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Cool Roofs for a Hot Planet

Today's cool roofing systems are a significant platform for urban building sustainability
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Architects have long been leaders in reducing the heating and air-conditioning burdens caused by buildings. Installing a cool, reflective roof deflects solar heat from reaching into the building, thus reducing cooling needs. The use of PVC for the membrane adds to the sustainability of the roof by providing a long-lived material that will not only last up to 20 years or longer, but can be recycled at the end of that use. The use of a PVC membrane for a cool roof system can go a long way in meeting the goals of a sustainability-minded architect or specifier.



Known as the “World’s Best Roof®,” a Duro-Last® roof is perfect for any flat, low-sloped, new or retrofit application. Precision-fabricated accessories combined with prefabricated deck sheets or roll goods allow for a watertight roof that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics.


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Originally published in Architectural Record