Sleek Design in Public Spaces

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of specifying practical, environmentally responsible, and functional bathroom fixtures and describe the importance of specifying practical, environmentally responsible, and functional bathroom fixtures and furnishings.
  2. List the most common standards used to evaluate bathroom fixtures that impact the health, safety, and welfare of occupants.
  3. Explain how specifying thoughtfully designed and ADA-approved bathroom fixtures can improve hygiene, cleanliness, and the overall health and safety of bathroom users.
  4. Discuss the benefits of selecting sleek and attractive modern bathroom fixtures for commercial restrooms.


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Interior fixtures for bathrooms have evolved steadily over the years. What was once boring, plain, and utilitarian can now be sleek, crisp, and beautiful. However, toilets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures need to be more than just attractive. Today’s commercial spaces require open and easy access for all customers, which means incorporating Universal Design and Americans with Disabilities features. Also, commercial and public restrooms must be easy to clean and maintain, durable, and able to use natural resources like water and energy in a responsible fashion.

Fortunately for architects and designers, modern manufacturers are answering the call and creating a suite of new bathroom products that satisfy both the practical and fanciful needs of modern design. This course will help architects and designers understand that meeting water-saving, access, and health and safety requirements for bathroom fixtures and furnishings does not have to come at the cost of sleek, contemporary design.

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Photo of a washroom, looking down.

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Originally published in December 2016