Weathering the Storms: How PVF Film Technology Preserves and Elevates Building Exteriors

In an accelerated and real-time test, PVF film proves a multitude of aesthetic and structural benefits
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By Erika Fredrickson
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Environmental issues, including pollution and weather, can lead to corrosion of building exteriors over time, requiring extra cost for maintenance and a shorter building lifespan. PVF film is a technology applied to surfaces of exterior and interior materials of buildings to help protect them from added costs. As a thin, lightweight material that resists chemicals, abrasions, mold and mildew growth—and can be cleaned by disinfectants without showing signs of harm—PVF provides the kind of durability that a building needs to operate in a cost-effective manner.

PVF requires knowledge in the manufacturing process to make sure that it is applied correctly using heat and adhesive. From the consumer point of view, choosing materials with PVF that suit a building’s environment is important to be able to provide the preventative benefits PVF promises.

In the greater AEC world, PVF holds a lot of promise, not just in terms of protecting structures, but also by providing design elements that meet the aspirations of architects and customers. The design potential of PVF is far reaching, and the ability for the film to preserve its own aesthetic value even decades later makes it both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Erika Fredrickson is an independent writer and editor focusing on technology, the environment, and history. She is a frequent contributor for continuing education courses and publications through Confluence Communications.


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Originally published in Architectural Record
Originally published in July 2021