Metal Rainscreens: Single-Skin Panels for the PER Assembly

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Distinguish between the different metal cladding panel types, including single-skin metal panels, MCM, and IMPs and which wall systems approaches (barrier w all or rainscreen) are associated with each. Review pros/cons, environmental aspects and costs of each.
  2. Describe the testing methods established by AAMA for both ‘D/B-V’ and ‘PER’ rainscreen systems and know how to compare report data between systems to better understand system performance.
  3. Explain the basics of detailing climate-appropriate single- skin metal panel PER rainscreen wall assemblies that improve energy efficiency in the system.
  4. Explore the common metals and finishing options available and which combinations will best achieve project needs of lifecycle, maintenance and cost when used in a single-skin metal panel system.



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This course provides a comparison of exterior metal cladding systems and takes an in-depth look at fossil fuel reduction, testing, specifications and detailing of single-skin metal panel systems as used in a Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen (PER) application.


Dri-Design The patented, 100% maintenance free Dri-Design wall panel system is a true dry joint pressure equalized rainscreen system requiring no caulk, sealant or gaskets; no materials to stain and streak the building, and no need to later remove panels to replace these materials when they age. Dri-Design is made with recycled content and is 100% recyclable.