Cable Railing Systems

Designing for building code compliance, maximum aesthetic effect, and sustainability
This course is no longer active
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the history of cable railing.
  2. Discuss building code requirements.
  3. Explain engineering requirements.
  4. Evaluate material selection options.
  5. Discuss design and aesthetic considerations.
  6. Describe sustainability and green design.



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This course provides an overview of stainless steel cable railing systems used in commercial and residential applications. It will describe the history of cable railing and discuss general and specific cable railing requirements and best practices to ensure code compliance, including local code interpretations and regional code requirements. This course will present an in-depth explanation of stainless steel material selection, treatments for increased sustainability, and its elemental makeup. It will explain engineering requirements, safety considerations, and code compliance considerations. You will learn how to identify key design criteria in specifying stainless steel cable railings. This course will encourage the development of ideas for creatively integrating cable railing into design projects and identifying the multiple materials that can be used with stainless steel.


Atlantis Rail Systems Atlantis Rail manufactures stainless cable railing systems, including the RailEasy™, HandiSwage™ and SunRail™ systems.  This innovative collection of low maintenance railings offers unobstructed views capable of fitting any indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential designs.


Originally published in July 2014