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Understanding Code-Compliant Integrated Ceiling Solutions

Using modern ceiling installation systems to meet design intent, IBC code requirements, and construction schedules
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Amanda Voss, MPP

Design Details: Pre-Engineered Trims and Transitions

Pre-engineered trim and transition options can be used to address changes in elevation, geometry, or material type. Transitions are available that make acoustical panels to drywall, as well as geometric shifts, such as from a rectangular office to a curved hallway, fast and easy to detail and build. Pre-engineered transitions eliminate excess framing, provide consistent fit and finish, and allow for quality control, while reducing the time required detailing and specifying. These transition solutions are designed precisely to fit with a variety of ceiling panel types and suspension systems. Unique curves and shapes as well as crisp detailing are easily duplicated throughout an entire project. Pre-engineered steel and extruded aluminum transitions use significantly less framing to structure and eliminate interferences in the plenum that can reduce the construction schedule, minimizing risk and ensuring design intent. These transitions are often tested to meet the same codes as standard transitions, including seismic requirements, and are available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors.


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