The New Master Builders

Architects warm to a project delivery method that makes them more integral to the construction process and reasserts their control over the final product.
Joann Gonchar, AIA

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how the design-build project delivery method works.
  2. Explain how the design-build project delivery method differs from design-bid-build.
  3. Describe different types of design-build and the advantages and limitations of each.
  4. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the architect in different types of design-build projects.


This test is no longer available for credit

Fact or fiction, it is a common perception that the design and construction process is plagued with problems: cost and schedule overruns, under-detailed design drawings, shoddy workmanship, disputes, and litigation. Some architects have been pursuing a remedy for this fraught situation—the project delivery method known as design-build. Until recently, most practitioners were reluctant to be too involved in construction. But that may be changing, with new approaches that make design-build a more viable alternative—one that gives the architect more control over the building process and the completed project. Click here to read about it »

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Originally published in Record
Originally published in May 2014