Integrated Cladding Support Systems for Better Thermal Performance

Energy-efficient cladding systems are one of the top ways to improve thermal performance
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In summary, thermal bridging issues with exterior cladding attachments are one of the key challenges in maintaining continuous insulation on a building envelope. Traditional attachment systems that rely on attaching to a complex substructure can lead to increases in workmanship error that may be time consuming and costly. Recent advances in attachment system design can overcome these barriers with an integrated, modular system that reduces installation times and potential errors while helping ensure the performance of the building’s continuous insulation.


1Theodosioua, T.; Tsikaloudakia, K.; and Bikasa, D. “Analysis of the Thermal Bridging Effect on Ventilated Facades.” Procedia Environmental Sciences. Volume 38. 2017. Web. 16 May 2018.

CL-Talon logo. CL-Talon is a new support system for cladding designed to construct more sustainable buildings. It improves the building’s thermal performance while reducing installation time and cost. Its benefits include reducing environmental impacts, ease of installation, durability, and performance. CL-Talon allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.


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Originally published in Architectural Record