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Internal Curing: Concrete Game Changer - An Innovative, Cost-Effective Strategy To Improve the Performance and Extend the Service Life of Concrete
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Learning Objectives - After listening to this course, you should be able to:

  1. Explain how micro-cracks develop in concrete – even before the mix is set.
  2. Discuss how even very small cracks can cause big problems in concrete over time.
  3. Describe how the internal curing process works.
  4. Discuss how high performance concrete contributes to sustainability.



This test is no longer available for credit

What's the cure for concrete that cracks early, deteriorates prematurely, generates unwanted call-backs and has a shorter-than-anticipated service life? Internal Curing: a process that leverages new knowledge about an old material (lightweight concrete aggregate) to create better performing concrete. In this course you will learn how internal curing - a true "disruptor technology" - is re-shaping the concrete industry and how this simple, cost-effective strategy can be applied to virtually any concrete application to improve its durability, sustainability and performance.


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