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Elevators, Sustainability, and LEED
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Learning Objectives - After listening to this course, you should be able to:

  1. Explain five key advances that are helping elevators save energy.
  2. Describe how elevators can contribute to improved indoor and outdoor environmental quality over their full life cycle.
  3. Discuss where elevators can and cannot help achieve LEED points.
  4. Describe what to look for in a sustainable elevator company.



1 GBCI CE Hour

This test is no longer available for credit

This course reviews how a key building system – elevators – can contribute to a project’s sustainability and to obtaining LEED credits. Often overlooked in sustainability analyses, elevators can, in fact, make significant contributions to the energy and environmental efficiency of a building. The course first delineates five recent advances that are improving the energy performance of elevator systems. It then reviews how elevators can contribute to indoor and outdoor environmental quality, followed by a detailed review of where elevators can – and currently cannot – help achieve LEED points. The course concludes with a discussion of what to look for in a sustainable elevator company.


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