Business and Technology of Architecture Academy

  1 AIA LU/HSW; 7 AIA LU/Elective

Maintaining a competitive edge in our rapidly evolving business landscape is no easy task. Old systems and the inability to adapt to the latest technology can put many industry professionals on their heels when it comes to meeting client demands. However, leaning into the winds of change can prove to be both an operational advantage and a gateway to greater creative control for architects, designers, and structural engineers. The Business and Technology of Architecture Academy focuses specifically on how to best integrate new design software and communication tools to maximize the available resources and returns in this digital age. Streamlining processes, responding to design changes, and incorporating client requests in real-time is not only possible, but also a must for thriving architects and designers.

Academy Courses
Navigating the Urban Design Landscape
Creating solutions for the urban community through technology and planning
BIM and Communication
Improving the design process through enhanced communication tools
Effective Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration in BIM
Streamlining project workflows with new and improved digital tools
Maximizing Returns in Real-Time
Collaborative design software enables financial growth, remote staff flexibility, and sustainable de...
Artificial Intelligence
Get Smart: Though still a nascent technology, AI promises to transform the design process and the bu...
The Future is BIM
How intelligent workflow can revolutionize the AEC industry
The New Benefits of Designing with BIM
Improve productivity, safety, creativity, and collaboration with the new tools and enhanced function...