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Specifying Metal Ceilings

Continuing Education

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Learning Objectives - At the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Understand how and why metal ceilings are used
  2. Learn about metal manufacturing materials and processes
  3. Understand how size and shape of a panel can affect lead time and cost
  4. Understand how acoustical performance is achieved with different metal ceiling options
  5. Learn when metal can be used for exterior applications
  6. Understand how metal ceilings can provide security

AIA logo Credits: 1 AIA LU/HSW
Metal ceilings are often selected because of their unique product features, like several different access options or damage resistance. They are also chosen because of their acoustical performance, and they are available in a variety of finish and perforation options. This Learning module will address all aspects of understanding and specifying metal ceilings, including applications for metal ceilings, understanding how metal ceilings are manufactured, coated and perforated. It will address details on how to select types of metal ceilings for specific applications, and things to consider when specifying custom versus standard metal ceilings.

Course Outline:

This course is a presentation designed to earn you 1.00 AIA/CES Learning Unit. Use the onscreen controls to pace the presentation to your liking, and then click "Take the Course Test" to take the exam for this course and earn your credit.

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