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The Office of the Future: Energy Efficiency Opportunities during the Tenant Fit-Out Process

Continuing Education

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Learning Objectives - At the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe the market receptiveness to energy efficient tenant fit-outs
  2. Discuss leasing guidelines for energy efficient office spaces
  3. Explain the effectiveness of integrating energy efficient strategies and policies in office space
  4. Discuss how to communicate energy efficient information to commercial office tenants

AIA logo Credits: 1 AIA LU
Offices are the largest market segment in the commercial buildings sector, making up 17% of total floor space and 19% of primary energy consumption. 31% of this space non-owner-occupied (i.e. leased) and tenants in these facilities are typically among those least able to reap energy efficiency benefits. This course presents findings from a workshop that describes new opportunities for architects to expand into this market by helping office building tenants improve the energy efficiency of their leased space.

Three national experts discuss results from a multi-year research program – titled the “Office of the Future” project and sponsored by utilities from across the country - that has developed and demonstrated innovative approaches to “designing in” energy savings during the tenant “fit out” process. The course reviews the programmatic and policy underpinnings of the program as a whole, discusses the role of utilities in bringing the program to fruition, and provides detailed technical information, together with case study examples, of effective energy efficient fit-out strategies.

Course Outline:

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  • The Office of the Future: Energy Efficiency Opportunities during the Tenant Fit-Out Process
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